Who can submit?
Rungh magazine is looking for established and emerging voices. Rungh features work by Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) creators in Canada.

We urge you to look Rungh's list of Artists and Contributors.

What type of articles is Rungh looking for?
Interviews, essays, fiction, non-fiction, reviews, poetry, original art, illustrations, video, music, performance and more. Tell us what you want to do. Pitch us on an idea you wish to develop. You might be surprised by our answer. Have at our current and past archived issues to get a sense of what Rungh is seeking. We urge you to look Rungh’s list of Artists and Contributors.

Have a look at our current and past archived issues to get a sense of what Rungh is seeking.

Does Rungh pay for articles they publish?
Rungh is committed to paying all artists for work. Funding dictates how much we can pay. Our rates are comparable with other Canadian arts publications of similar scope.

Who makes the final decision?
Rungh refers to various cross/inter/mixed disciplinary and "area experts" when commissioning and publishing work. The Staff and the Board of Directors are listed on the Rungh site.

Rungh magazine has an Editor and the Editor makes the final editorial decisions.

How do I submit?
Send inquiries to [email protected].

Please note that while we try to respond to all inquiries (even if it is with a short, polite "no"), be patient with your timelines. If there is a time sensitive matter, please include the deadline within the first sentence of your email to us.

We do not like simultaneous submissions. If you submit to others, do not submit to us. If you submit to us, let us know how long we have before you submit to others. We will try to respect your deadlines. Send us your best work, not your first draft.

Rungh Magazine Sections
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